Ashlyn Rose

I’ve known Ashlyn-Rose from the minute she was born (literally, I was their for her birth) and she has blossomed into a beautiful little baby girl…her eyes stand out to me the most. I think she mostly resembles her father in some of the facial expressions she puts out but definitely has some of her mother’s features…as of right now.

Ashlyn and Delaney have met a few times and it’s funny to see how babies interact with each other. Neither of them can talk so it’s either they are smiling at one another and move their arms in the way babies do when they get excited, or don’t care at all. I wonder what goes on in their minds? It’s their own little baby language I guess.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session with Ashlyn and Rose.

Ashlyn Rose Ashlyn Rose Ashlyn Rose Ashlyn Rose Ashlyn Rose Ashlyn Rose