When Should You First Bathe a Newborn

A baby needs a lot of care in different focus areas. Here you can find all kinds of products that help you take care of your delicate skin when it gets irritated, your gums when your teeth are going to come out, decongest your nose from snot or even very useful packs for bathing or hydration.

It is important to consider when purchasing all baby products, what products are suitable and what harmful components make a product not suitable for your skin from there, choose the best body wash for baby. If they contain alcohol, perfumes or parabens, they should be blacklisted as they can harm your delicate skin.

When to bathe the baby?

When a baby is just born, bathing is not necessary on a daily basis. Using bath gels or shampoo on the delicate skin of new-born babies can be harmful since a baby after delivery is born with a layer of fat called vermix, which protects you as your skin adjusts to a new, more aggressive environment. You should wait for the body to absorb that layer and the nutrients to penetrate your skin.

Once that layer has been absorbed, a daily bath is no longer necessary. Keep in mind that the skin of a baby is much more delicate than that of an adult and it gets much less dirty, except in the diaper area or on the face, which are normally cleaned at the same time they are stained. Therefore, to maintain a balanced pH, it should be done every other day.

For this, it is best to follow these recommendations:

  • Use a soap and colognes without perfumes, parabens, or detergents, only neutral soap.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin, with a pH adapted to babies.
  • Apply little quantity.

Does a new-born need gel or shampoo?

The little ones do not need gel in their bathroom, but the moment they begin to discover all the spaces themselves. When they start to crawl and walk is when you will have to buy a children’s bath gel suitable for their age and skin type.

When Should You First Bathe a Newborn

You will have to take into account if it is safe for him and use it properly. It is not necessary to flood the bathroom with bubbles and foam. Although it is very endearing to see how the little ones enjoy and play with it. Bathing is a fun time for children.

What type of gel is good for your baby?

The bath gel or shampoo that you have to buy for your little one must be safe for his health. You should not only avoid irritations, but you also have to take into account the possible intolerances that you can develop. Therefore, the soap must be neutral and avoid chemical compounds in the shower gel.

You also do not have to wash your child many times, since excessive washing can be harmful to the new-born’s skin.

In the same way that you have to take into account what type of gel and shampoo you have to also use other types of products such as creams and wipes to achieve proper hygiene of the baby.

Soap for new-born babies

Children’s gels are grooming products that are formulated with ingredients that are respectful of the skin of the little ones. The first thing you should know is that a new-born does not need to use them, because with water it would simply suffice. However, there are babies who present from very small skins with special conditions or who simply relax a lot with the bath routine.

Taking this into account, and allowing the appropriate time to pass, when you want to start bathing your child with gels for new-born babies, you should look for specific products for sensitive skin. Always think that babies’ skin is much thinner than that of adults. Thus, the gels used will have to have an adequate pH so as not to affect the pH of your dermis. They should also be baby bath gels that do not produce much foam, so that the skins do not dry out or irritate.

Children’s gels must be free of soaps and detergents (synder) as they could alter the natural fat layer of your dermis. In addition, it is essential that they do not have alcohol. Alcohol is contraindicated in the formulas of these products because it causes irritation. Also parabens and, in general, any chemical agent that can irritate the baby’s fine skin.

When Should You First Bathe a Newborn

The Importance of Using Baby Bath Gels

It can be said that basically you find products that are suitable for your skin. Thus, the fewer chemical compounds or perfumes they contain, the much better. Think that a baby’s body is not fully formed. This means that chemical compounds that may be harmless to an adult can negatively affect the baby. In this way, it does not matter what brand or product you choose, but it should always be a baby soap.

Baby soap bath ritual

While it is true that it is not necessary to bathe babies as intensely as adults do, many babies feel absolute relaxation with bath time. This can be beneficial for parents who want to set routines from a young age. A bath hours before sleep can be beneficial for the little one to sleep through the night. Thus, paediatrician’s recommend that bath time is always established in the afternoon or at the end of the day, prior to dinner.

In addition to the use of baby bath gels, you must take into account other keys to our child’s bath. To begin with, that the room is not cold, since the little one does not yet regulate body temperature like an adult. Also, try that the water temperature is between 34 and 37 ºC.

It is not recommended to use too much product, so with a minimal amount of gel for new-born babies it will be more than enough.

Remember, too, that bathing doesn’t necessarily have to be daily. The truth is that you can repeat it 2 or 3 times a week until the child is a little older. In addition, this bath must be short, approximately 10 minutes long. Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Wash & Shampoo happens to be the Best Body Wash for Baby. It helps make bath time bonding time with your baby. This ultra-mild baby wash and shampoo is paediatrician-tested and pH-balanced to baby skin