Why Is My Hair So Dry and Frizzy?

Get Rid of Frizz Hair and Turn Your Hair into Smooth and Silky

Every girl loves to look beautiful. She takes care of every minute thing to keep her skin and hair healthy. Some girls have naturally radiant and glowing skin, and some of them have natural silky and smooth hair. But not all the women are blessed with such perfect things. They have some problems externally, and they would try very hard to overcome that problem. The major challenge faced by girls nowadays is frizzy and dry hair. Every girl would question herself whenever she takes hair wash; that is why my hair is curly.

Reasons for Dry Hair

Curly and dry hair is one of the problems of girls, and it happens only because of the lack of moisture of the hair. Not only because of the moisture but also for the changes that occur in the climate would also be the reason for the hair to get frizz. To avoid such a vulnerable situation, you can use the best anti frizz shampoo which you can easily buy in the markets. But many girls would worry that they have become very tired of their curly hair. I am telling you. Indeed, you are not the only woman facing this problem, but several girls are trying very hard to come over these dry hair problems. It is equally hard to be exhausting battles damn it.

Why Is My Hair So Dry and Frizzy?

Before getting into it, you should know the reason behind what makes your hair dry, and you have to be aware of certain things only then you can overcome it. Here I have given some crucial measures and tips which you have to follow to protect your hair and to make it into a defined hair. The first thing you should be careful with the temperature of your water. When you have the habit of bathing in extra hot water, it is okay if you feel relaxing, but it is not suitable for your hair. Hot water would absorb all your natural oil in the scalp, and it makes it dry, and it makes your hair frizzy. It is advisable to stay away from things that affect your scalp oil because your hair needs it for sure.

Use Lukewarm Water

The best idea is that you should take the water which is lukewarm and should take a quick hair wash with that water. If you do this, your hair will thank you at the end. The second thing is that you should not use hairstyle tools for daily use, which is very unhealthy for your hair. When you heat your hair with some devices, it would also take off the natural moist of your hair and makes it frizz. These hair tools would have the chance to cause many damaged hair problems. I am not telling you to stop using appliances like hairdryer, flat iron. Straightening iron or curling iron, but you can use it to the minimum. If it is necessary for you, you can use it after applying the hair product to protect your hair from heat and use those tools at a low temperature.

Wash Your Hair Twice or Thrice a Week

The colossal mistake made by modern girls is that they use to wash their hair every day. People do not know how to harm the foam shampoo contains. It is the one that creates the mess in your hair. Shampoos in the markets contain different formulas, and maybe the one which you are using has the formula content to make your hair dry. So you should not wash your hair or shampoo it regularly. You can create a schedule and follow. Two or three times in a week are more than enough to shampoo your hair, and also, it depends on your hair texture. Also, to control frizz, you can go with the hydrating conditioner or a shampoo to fight up with your dry hair.

Take Care of Split Ends

Many people who have dry hair would worry about split ends. Damaged hair would lead your hair to get frizz. If you do not pay attention to the broken and split hairs at the end, then it would develop all over your hair and makes it to get damaged. To avoid this, you should use the best anti frizz shampoo or any hair serum, which is best in the markets.

Use the Best Products

The most important thing is you should dry your hair with a hair towel, which is rough. You should concentrate on the sheet also because some of the cloth would absorb all the moisture in the hair. If your hair is curly, you have to face more clumps because of this. It is always best to use the micro-fiber towel to dry your hair. This would help you to control your hair damages and also you can able to manage your frizz. Thinking about all these things, you should be very careful with your hair. You know that your hair adds extra beauty to you. It is crucial to maintain it properly.

To avoid curly hair, you should have to follow all such habits and so you can get better results. You can also try some of the home remedies which you can do at home to make your silky and smooth instead of using the ordinary shampoos or chemicals. It would give you the results, but it would take some time. You have to do all such things with patience. Only then would you get better results.


It is in your hand to choose the best products by seeing the reviews for your hair. Yes, nowadays, reviews give you hand in the wrong situations. You can get the advice and suggestions of people and can try to make it as much as possible. Make it a try and use the best anti frizz shampoo to get rid of your dry hair. For sure, you would be happy with the results. When you get the solution for such things, you should know how to maintain it. So, everything is in your hand, and it is up to you and the products which you use.